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How To Get Recertified

Recertification Procedure

Each certification title is valid for a period of three years before recertification is required. Recertification helps ensure that certified persons remain up to date with current and new technology in order to effectively serve the public. In order to become recertified you must earn the required number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and pay the applicable recertification fee. 

Three types of CPD credits are available:

  1. Seat Time Credit: You can earn seat time credit by attending WQA-approved seminars, workshops, or convention sessions. Proof of attendance must be provided. Ten hours of seat time are worth one CPD credit.

  2. Measured Learning Credit: These credits are given for earning a passing grade on relevant examinations such as state licensing exams. Similar learning experience such as college or other post-secondary academic courses, are also eligible for measured learning credits.

  3. Experiential Learning (EL) Credit: These credits are earned on an individual case-by-case basis for appropriately documented, unpaid volunteer activities such as providing water-related education in your community. All activities must be pre-approved by WQA's Professional Certification & Training Department in order to qualify.

If you have questions about CPD credits or need to verify your recertification status, please contact WQA Professional Certification & Training at

Expired Certifications

Your certification can and will expire if you have not renewed your certification by the cycle's expiration date. This means you have not earned the required CPD credits or you have not payed the certification renewal fee. Your name will no longer appear in the online Find Certified Professionals directory and your profile with WQA will become inactive.

If your certification expired due to not earning the required number of CPD credits, you can become recertified by retaking and passing one of the basic examinations, which include those for the Certified Water Specialist, Certified Installer, Certified Water Treatment Representative or Certified Service Technician designation. Within that new cycle you must earn the required CPD credits starting from zero. Credits from the previous cycle will not carry over.

If your certification expired due to not paying the certification renewal fee, you must pay the regular certification renewal fee plus an additional $50 reinstatement fee within five months of the original expiration date to avoid retaking the exam.

Annual Recertification Kits

The Annual Education Kits are a set of articles and short quizzes on current industry issues and refreshers on treatment fundamentals that help water treatment professionals hone their expertise. The Kits are provided free of charge to WQA members and certified personnel. Successful completion of all quizzes in each kit will earn you up to one CPD credit.

Access the recent Annual Recertification Kits