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WQA Member Logo Usage Guidelines

The WQA Member Logo distinguishes our member companies from others in the marketplace, and assures customers of their adherence to high industry standards and the Association's Code of Ethics.

    Only dues-paying members in good standing are permitted to use the WQA Member Logo in their promotional materials, in accordance with the WQA Member Logo Usage Policy. Companies who have never belonged to WQA as well as those whose membership privileges have lapsed, expired or been terminated, are prohibited from using the WQA Member Logo. Independent contractors, subcontractors, or retailer/dealerships of regular members also may not use the logo, unless their specific location also is listed as a WQA member in good standing.

    The WQA Member Logo does not imply any of the following:

    • That WQA has certified, accredited or approved the company itself, or any individual, process, or product
    • That WQA has approved the company's materials or representations used for sales, advertising, or other promotional efforts
    • That any particular level of quality or performance is guaranteed or assured by WQA
    • That any statements made to customers or the general public are truthful and accurate
    • Anything else beyond identifying that the user is a member of WQA

    Unapproved Use of the Member Logo

    In the event that these guidelines are violated, WQA retains the right to direct the member to cease use of the mark, and may sue to enjoin misuse by members and/or nonmembers and to recover actual and punitive damages. It is the right of WQA to determine whether these guidelines have been violated or whether the WQA Member logo has been misused.

    The following companies are currently using the WQA Member Logo in an unauthorized manner.

    • AquaSalud of Spain
    • Kontec of the United Arab Emirates
    • Ningbo Xuanyi Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. of China
    • Quan zou Yitian Clean-Water Equipment Co., Ltd. of China
    • Xiamen AQE Technology Co., Ltd. of China
    • YiAn Water Electrical Co., Ltd. of China

    If your company is listed above and you would like it to be removed from the violation list, please contact the WQA Membership Department at or 630-505-0160.