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Membership Categories & Dues

Membership dues are based on a company's sales volume, and new members are offered special minimum set prices in each category. During the second calendar year of membership, dues will be prorated from the month joined to the end of the calendar year. Please review the dues structure chart below and contact WQA's Membership Department or 630-505-0160, with questions.

Member Category Description Annual Dues

Dealer dues are a two-step process: base dues and voluntary contribution.

Your dues are based on your total residential, commercial and industrial water treatment sales, rental and service revenues.

Dues Calculator:

Base Dues

Class Sales Dues Amount
Level IX More than $20 million (US) $16,615.00
Level VIII $10 million–$20 million (US) $11,060.00
Level VII $5 million–$10 million (US) $5,860.00
Level VI $2.5 million–$5 million (US) $2,950.00
Level V $1 million–$2.5 million (US) $1,835.00
Level IV $500,000–$1 million (US) $955.00
Level III $300,000–$500,000 (US) $700.00
Level II Less than $300,00 (US) $510.00


EXAMPLE: If your annual gross sales volume is $2,000,000 your base dues are $1,750.00.



Use the dues multiplier of (.0015) x your annual gross sales volume, then subtract your base dues to determine your VOLUNTARY Contribution. 

Enter your VOLUNTARY Contribution below (see below for example):

$_______________.0015 x annual gross sales volume

$_______________Subtract BASE Dues—Step One

$_______________Your VOLUNTARY Contribution



If your annual gross sales volume is $2,000,000.00 your:

$2,000,000.00 x .0015 = $3,000.00

Base dues are: $1,750.00 (refer to Base Dues Chart)

Voluntary contribution is: $1,250.00 (the difference between $3,000.00 and the base dues)



(USA/Canadian Market)

Dues Computation: Your dues are based on your total residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment sales, rental, and service revenues.

  • When one member acquires another, the gross volume of the two should be considered when determining the volume membership dues are based upon.

  • For members with both retail and wholesale sales, the gross volume of the sum of the two should be used to determine gross volume.


Class  Sales Dues Amount
Level XI More than $100 million (US) $75,600.00
Level X $50 million - $100 million (US) $64,035.00
Level IX $35 million - $49.9 million (US) $40,905.00
Level VIII $25 million - $34.9 million (US) $26,565.00
Level VII $15 million - $24.9 million (US) $14,835.00
Level VI $10 million - $14.9 million (US) $10,405.00
Level V $7 million - $9.9 million (US) $8,110.00
Level IV $5 million - $6.9 million (US) $5,730.00
Level III $3 million - $4.9 million (US) $3,940.00
Level II $2 million - $2.9 million (US) $2,805.00
Level I Less than $2 million (US) $2,245.00



International Manufacturer/Supplier


WQA Membership Dues

Voluntary International Activity Recognition Program

Class Selling Into the USA/Canada (US$) Dues Amount (US$)
Platinum More than $5 million (US) $5,150.00 (US)
Gold $2 million - $5 million (US) $3,110.00 (US)
Base Dues (required) Less than $2 million $2,245.00 (US)

Class Not Selling Into the USA/Canada Sales
 (local currency)
Dues Amount (US$)
Platinum More than $5 million $5,150.00 (US)
Gold  $2 million - $5 million $3,110.00 (US)
Base Dues (required) Less than $2 million $1,020.00 (US)


Manufacturers Representative An independent sales agent of at least two manufacturer's products and maintains an office separate and apart from, and independent of, any such manufacturers or wholesaler firms. $1,020.00
Consultant A professional who provides advise in a particular area of expertise who is not employed by his client but instead is in business for himself or for a consultancy firm, usually with multiple and changing clients. $510.00
 Allied Available to any individual or firm engaged in a field or endeavor related to the industry and is not retailing, manufacturing, assembling, or supplying water treatment equipment or components or specializing in services to the water treatment industry. Please contact the Membership Department at 630-505-0160 or email to see if you qualify.  $250.00