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Honorary Membership Award

The Honorary Membership  Award is given to an individual whose occupation is outside the industry, but whose contributions to mankind through research, dedication and exemplary service in the field of water quality is admirable.

Previous Winners

1979 - John J. Rhodes,  Futuramic's Clean Water Center
1989 - Joseph A. Cotruvo, Ph.D., Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, L.L.C.
1992 - Loretta J. Trapp, Microline Corporation
1993 - Thomas J. Sorg, PE, USEPA NRMRL WSWRD
1995 - Ronald J. Graham
1996 - Peter E. Shanaghan, USEPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
1998 - Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D., University of Arizona Department of Microbiology
1998 - Joan B. Rose, Ph.D., Michigan State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
1999 - Jerry L. Lane
2000 - Robert F. Burns, PE, California Department of Public Health
2000 - Nancy J. Culotta, MPH
2003 - Thomas J. Bruursema, NSF International
2003 - Lynita Docken, Wisconsin Department of Commerce
2004 - David P. Spath, PE, California Department of Public Health
2006 - Debra Coy, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
2007 - Harry Cross
2009 - Kelly A. ReynoldsMSPH, Ph.D., University of Arizona
2010 - Paul Hendricks, Central Arizona Project
2012 - George C. Feighner, Scientific Services, Inc. S/D Inc.
2013 - Pete Conaty, Pete Conaty and Associates
2014 - Assemblyman Luis Alejo, California State Assembly