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Hall of Fame Award

Entering the WQA Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a WQA member. The recipient is recognized for his or her lifetime dedication and service to the water quality improvement industry and association.

Previous Winners

1984 - Donn R. Dresselhuys
1989 - Andrew J. Fleckenstein, Fleck Family Foundation
1991 - William C. Prior, Tangent Company LLC
1994 - Irving M. Haug, I.M. Haug Company
1995 - Duane D. Nowlin, Ph.D., Duane D. Nowlin - Consultant
1996 - Alan L. Reeh, EcoWater Systems
2000 - J. Christopher Layton, Chris Layton Water Consulting
2001 - Jack Lorenzen, Quality Water Services, Inc.
2001 - W. Gordon Miller, Cleanwater Corp. of America, Culligan Water Conditioning - Marlette
2002 - William H. Dodd, NCBS
2003 - John Packard, Culligan Water Conditioning
2004 - Patrick Dalee, DuPure Inc.
2006 - James W. Baker, AMERIWATER, INC.
2007 - James W. Wakem, II, Atlantic Filter Corporation
2008 - Edward P. Jones, III, Gordon Brothers, Inc.
2009 - C. R. Hall, Wichita Water Conditioning Inc. dba Hall's Culligan Water
2010 - Richard E. Clack, Clack Corporation
2011 - William E. Hall, Sr., Haltec Services Company
2012 - Dennis Rupert, Rupert's Culligan Water Conditioning
2013 - Knox Williams
2014 - Charles F. Michaud, Systematix Co.